Peeps Oreo Truffles

OMG Becky….Looks at those peeps…they are soooooooooo big.


Peeps Oreo Truffles-6

All jokes aside, I did make some pretty big truffles as this was my first time making them.  As easy as many blogs make them out to create, I must say the “hardest” part is getting the chocolate, or almond bark to melt to the perfect consistency.  If I do it again (which, who’s kidding, of course I will!) I would maybe use a candy thermometer, but that’s only because I am a perfectionist/learner by mistaker…and I will do more research as to what the best temperature for melted bark is supposed to be.  Perhaps someone can school me?
I digress….

Just look at this peep!  Love em or hate em, they are an Easter-time staple! Admit it!

Peeps Oreo Truffles-9

*Some tips! 

I highly recommend using a double boiler method if you can/have the tools to do so, but if you choose to melt your chocolate/almond bark in the microwave, do so for about 15 seconds at a time and break up the pieces into small shards so that it melts more evenly.

Also, use a toothpick to dip the truffles into the melted chocolate and remove them later/cover the hole with sprinkles or more melted chocolate.  

Don’t get frustrated!  It takes practice…..believe you me!

You will need: 

Food processor

Big mixing bowl

Spoon, fork, rubber scraper

microwave safe bowl

Double Boiler or microwave

Cookie sheet or large plate

wax paper or aluminum foil

Access to a freezer

toothpicks – lots


One package of Peeps Oreos or Birthday Cake, or whatever flavor you choose.

5/8 a package (or 5 out of 8 ounces) of cream cheese.  I love Philadelphia brand.

*Note: I have found that some recipes call for an entire package of 15 ounce oreos to one 8 oz. package of cream cheese.  The Peeps Oreos package was only 10 oz., hence why I didn’t use all of the cream cheese.

Almond bark (I used vanilla) or white chocolate chips/discs                                                     *I used this 20 oz. package of Gurley’s Almond bark, found here.  



Poor the Oreo cookies into your food processor and blend on high until mixture forms small crumbs  (about 30 seconds or more)

*Place cream cheese into mixing bowl, and add the Oreo crumbs.  Press the mixture together (using your hands actually works the best…), until well combined.

*Form small balls with your hands and set on wax-papered cookie sheet or plate.  Warning:  Your fingers will turn pink!  

*Freeze for 30 minutes !  This is important to freeze them for at least this long, as they will fall apart once you begin to dip them in the hot melted almond bark/chocolate!

*While the truffles are in the freezer (but close to the time when you will remove them), prepare the almond bark by setting broken-up pieces of it into the top of the double boiler.  Turn heat to medium and bring the water in the bottom portion of the boiler to a rolling simmer.  This part is tricky as setting the temp too high may scald the chocolate and it will turn chunky and be totally ruined and unusable.  This will also happen if any water gets into the chocolate.  Some people add a little shortening to the mix to smooth it out but I have yet to try this!  

**If you are microwaving your bark/chocolate, use a microwave safe bowl, and nuke for 15 seconds at a time, stirring in between each heating.  Do this until you have a smooth bowl of melted goodness! Bring your patience with this step!

*Remove truffles from freezer and insert toothpicks into truffles, dipping them one at a time into the melted chocolate.

*Set bark-covered truffles onto your waxed sheets/plates and cover immediately with sprinkles before the chocolate cools and sets.

*When you have dipped all the truffles, place them back into a freezer or refrigerator and remove when ready to serve.  You may leave the toothpicks in or remove them.  That’s up to you!

Peeps Oreo Truffles-3

Now it is time to enjoy these little suckers after Easter dinner, or maybe pass them out as a treat, post Easter-egg hunt.  Whatever way you choose to indulge in these little nuggets of sugary joy, be sure to snap a pic and tag me on instagram! @irokthekitchen. I’d love to see how yours turn out!



Peeps Oreo Truffles-12



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