Cookie Butter Pecan Pillows

It’s National Pecan Cookie Day! I thought I’d re-share this recipe from last year 😉

Beautiful Food

I admit, I’ve never heard of cookie butter until last year while touring some of my favorite bloggers’ web pages.  It’s literally a bunch of cookies blended with oil, and sold in a jar for you to buy and stuff your face with.  Where has this been all my life?  Oh yeah, not in Nebraska that’s where.  No wonder.  Also known as Speculoos, speculass, Bischoff spread etc., cookie butter originally began from the classic and very old Dutch recipe that featured Indian spices (remember windmill cookies!?).  Or at least, that’s what the all-wise and all-knowing internet tells me…windmill-cookies

Since its popularity has risen in the U.S of A, many other forms of cookie butter have emerged, including recipes to make your own for all of you Do-It-Yourselfers out there.  Trader Joe’s has helped to make this concoction more popular with its own version as well, among many other new and…

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