Lemon Pudding Parfait

I bring you number 2 in our Summer NO-BAKE series!

summer NO-BAKE

The lemon pudding parfait!

Lemon Pudding Cup-9

Of course, you can substitute any pudding flavor you desire, but I happen to LOVE lemon, (and when I say love, I mean it’s an obsession-who are we kidding?) so that is what you get to feast your eyes upon today!

Lemon Pudding Cup-5

Did you ever make dirt cups as a kids?  You know, the chocolate pudding (mud), crushed Oreos (dirt), and the gummy worms sticking out just begging for those perfectly even layers to be destroyed by your spoon?  Oh man I loved those.  This is the same thing only a lot less, um, “dirty”.

What is your favorite lemon dessert?  There is just something about it that captivated me at an early age.  I was pretty sore when Jolly Ranchers stopped making the lemon flavored version of their candy.  NOT EVERYONE LIKES RED FLAVOR OK HERSHEY CO.!?  (Yes, they are owned by Hershey, because everyone is owned by someone else…)  Despite my dismay, I found that you can ACTUALLY order an entire bag of JUST lemon Jolly Ranchers online.  Thank you Amazon! 🙂


As I was saying—if you have an out of this world craving for lemon like I do, check out my other lemon recipes below!

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Now for what you’ve all been waiting for- the recipe!

Lemon Pudding Cup-3

You will need: 

Medium mixing bowl

Fork or spoon

Small mason jars – 8 oz.

Plastic Ziplock Bag

Rolling Pin




1 package Instant Pudding Mix (Lemon in this case)

1-2 cups of milk or almond milk (as per the instructions on the box)

3/4 cup Cool Whip topping

6-12 sheets of honey graham crackers (depending on how much you want)

Lemon for zest and garnish


  1. Begin by following the instant pudding package’s instructions.  Mix the powder and milk together in your bowl and place in the fridge to set.  (about 15 minutes)
  2. Place the graham crackers into a ziplock bag, seal, and crush crackers using your rolling pin.
  3. After the pudding has set, remove from fridge and add whipped topping to the bowl.  Stir together until well combined.
  4. Use a spoon to layer a bit of pudding on the bottom of your mason jar.  Then spoon a layer of graham crackers.  Repeat the layering process until you have reached the top.
  5. Using your zester, sprinkle the top of your dessert with a little lemon zest and cut a slice of lemon to garnish the side of your jar.
  6. Prepare a second jar while supplies last.  This should make at least two jars.

Lemon Pudding Cup-8

Now pick up that spoon and eat your heart out !!!

Lemon Pudding Cup-7




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