The first day.

Irish soda breadIMG_9058scones

You know you want it.   Don’t they look delicious???  I know they are because I made them myself.

I decided my first post would be about why I chose to make a baking blog.  The first question is, “why not?”.

I’ve been baking since about the time I joined a 4-H club.  I believe I was maybe 8 years old.  Since then, I took the basic skills I learned from 20+ years of everything from purple ribbons at the state fair to failed batches of burnt cookies, and I’ve whittled them down into my own, unique cooking style that I’d love to share on here!  Not only did I want to create an archive of my baking recipes that I’ve tweaked and learned to change from the original versions, but I wanted to share my secrets and recipes with the world.

So here you go.   I hope you enjoy my baking blog.  It’s a wonderful world that if explored by even the earliest beginner, is one to be filled with learning and joy.  And besides—you get to eat what you learned to create.  Perfect!

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